If you are struggling with physical or emotional symptoms, imbalanced spiritual health, unhealthy relationships, a stagnant career, or mustering up enough energy to get though the day, we can help.  At The Ideal Method, we address your overall well-being in a caring, safe environment with a variety of energy services such as Reiki and Earth Heart Healing to help you create the life you envision, heal emotional wounds, cultivate self-love, and grow in every area of your life.

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We can help you get relief from stress, or illness related symptoms including:

  • Acute/Chronic Pain
  • Fatigue/Lack of Energy
  • Grief
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Anxiety
We do not diagnose illness or disease, nor do we prescribe medications or therapies.
Our services are not intended to replace the care of your medical professional.