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6595 Brecksville Rd. Suite #3, Independence, Ohio 44131

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Introduction to Animal Massage and Acupressure
Presented by: Debbie Jones

The Ideal Method
6595 Brecksville Rd. Suite #3
Independence, OH 44131

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Massage and acupressure complements your pet's care at any stage and activity level but can be most beneficial if your pet is suffering from age related discomfort, recovering from illness or surgery, or has recently been adopted.  This is also a wonderful skill to utilize with a new puppy or kitten in the family to promote bonding and set the stage for vibrant health.

In this class you will learn how to release stress held in your pet’s body using simple massage and acupressure techniques.You will learn how and where to gently touch your pet with loving intention, providing comfort and encouraging a release of physical and emotional stress. 

When done regularly, your pet will enter a prolonged state of allowing, a place where it can relax and exercise the body’s natural self-healing process on an on-going basis.

All techniques will be demonstrated on our resident demo dog Louie!

Please do not bring your pets to this class
Restore Your Energy Flow 
Presented by: Debbie Jones 

The Ideal Method
6595 Brecksville Rd. Suite #3
Independence, OH 44131

Tuesday, October 23
6:30pm - 7:30pm                      
What if five minutes a day could help you refresh your mind, sharpen your memory, restore your energy and strengthen you immune system?

Well it can, and so much more!  Join us to learn about the basic principles of energy flow and how it impacts our well-being. We will also practice a five minute energy routine (no really it is just 5 minutes!) developed by Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine that increases your energy, strengthens your immune system, and clears and focuses your mind.

Each participant will receive a handout detailing the Five Minute Energy Routine to do at home!   

Group Reiki
Presented by: Debbie Jones

The Ideal Method
6595 Brecksville Rd. Suite #3
Independence, OH 44131

Enjoy the benefits of Reiki in a small group format.  

Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful technique that  allows your body to enter a space of deep relaxation where it can facilitate the natural healing process for both the physical body and  the emotional body.    
While you relax in a zero gravity chair, Debbie Jones will offer Reiki to the group as well as spending time with you individually. 

After the Reiki, Debbie will walk the group through an Energy Routine to align and restore your energies to get you ready for the rest of your day.  You will leave with a clear head feeling relaxed and recharged! 
  * Class size limited to 5 people to ensure a personalized experience 

This is a private event that can be scheduled for any group of three to five participants.

Contact Debbie Jones at [email protected] to schedule your event!

$37 per participant
This one of a kind program combines the healing energy of Reiki 
and the therapeutic frequencies of sound into one innovative experience!

This powerful yet intimate 90 min session, is provided to you by Certified Sound Practitioner, Carol Marchione and Reiki Master, Debbie Jones. 

As you lie comfortably in a ZERO GRAVITY chair, Debbie will be providing Reiki to the group as well as spending time with each individual while Carol intuitively plays a myriad of Crystal bowls, pyramids, Tibetan bowls, and Gongs to enhance the Reiki energy and further personalize the experience for each participant.  

The combination of Reiki healing energy and the therapeutic frequencies and vibrations of sound to creates a deep state of relaxation which allows the body to enter a space where it can begin the process of self-repair. Participants have shared feeling lighter, more joyful, restful, and a decrease of physical pain after these sessions.

Each session will be limited to 8 participants to ensure a personalized Sound and Reiki experience  

Please plan to stay at least 15-30 min after the program so Carol and Debbie may share the intuitive information they received during the program. This also allows you time to have some snacks (provided) and get grounded!

Healing with Harmony
Presented by: Debbie Jones and Carol Marchione

The Ideal Method
6595 Brecksville Rd. Suite #3
Independence, OH 44131

Tuesday, October 2
6:30pm - 8:00pm

Addressing Colds & Flu Naturally
Presented by: Jennifer Cabic, MH, BCTN

The Ideal Method
6595 Brecksville Rd. Suite #3
Independence, OH 44131

Wednesday, October 17
6:30pm - 8:00pm

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For Questions Contact: Jennifer Cabic
 [email protected],  216-402-4121

Being Sick is NO FUN! Learning how to PREVENT & Care For Colds & Flu is Key! If you want to be PRO-ACTIVE this year and find NEW WAYS to Boost Your Family’s Immunity and Fight off Colds & Flu…LOOK NO FURTHER!

This class will empower you with self-directed, plant-based solutions using herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils. These natural solutions improve your health and support your immune function, so you can prevent and fight infections, colds, flu, fevers, headache, stomach ache, and more – all on your own!

This Class Will:
• Educate you on how your body actually gets sick
• Describe the difference between viruses and bacteria
• Share how herbs and essential oils help your own body eliminate BOTH!
• Help you learn about herbal and essential oil basics & how to use them to support your family’s wellness
• Offer recipes and other natural tools to boos immunity...and so much more!

At the end of class, you will receive handouts with protocol and recipes used to address colds and flu naturally so you can be prepared.
Restore Your Energy Flow