Reiki and Energy Medicine Events

Informative classes and workshops covering energy work, well-being, meditation and more.

Reiki and Energy Medicine Events

Informative classes and workshops covering energy work, well-being, meditation and more.

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Become empowered on your self-care journey with helpful knowledge and insight.

Healing with Harmony After Dark

Presented by:

Carol Marchione, Certified Sound Practitioner

Debbie Jones, EEM-CP, Reiki Master

Location: Eaton Estate Community Center, 8413 Eaton Drive, Sagamore Hills

This one of a kind program combines the healing energy of Reiki and the therapeutic frequencies of sound into one innovative experience!

This powerful yet intimate 90 min session, is provided to you by Certified Sound Practitioner, Carol Marchione and Reiki Master, Debbie Jones. 

​As you lie comfortably in a ZERO GRAVITY chair, Debbie will be providing Reiki to the group as well as spending time with each individual while Carol intuitively plays a myriad of Crystal bowls, pyramids, Tibetan bowls, and Gongs to enhance the Reiki energy and further personalize the experience for each participant.  

The combination of Reiki healing energy and the therapeutic frequencies and vibrations of sound to creates a deep state of relaxation which allows the body to enter a space where it can begin the process of self-repair.  Participants have shared feeling lighter, more joyful, restful, and a decrease of physical pain after these sessions.

Each session will be limited to 8 participants to ensure a personalized Sound and Reiki experience  

Please plan to stay at least 15-30 min after the program so Carol and Debbie may share the intuitive information they received during the program.  This also allows you time to have some snacks (provided) and get grounded

Please Note: These events are being held at the Eaton Estate Community Center  8413 Eaton Drive,  Sagamore Hills 

Saturday, January 4

Session One – 4:00pm – 5:30pm  (5 Spots Left)

Session Two – 7:00pm – 8:30pm  (3 Spots Left)

Healing with Hamony

Meditation and Energy Healing for the Chakras

Presented by:

Aneta Kuzma, Certified Yoga, Meditation, Wellness and Life Coach

Debbie Jones, EEM-CP, Reiki Master

Location: The Ideal Method, 6595 Brecksville Rd. Suite #3, Independence, OH 44131

Have you always wanted to learn more about the 7 chakras, or do you feel like you may have some energetic blockages in your chakras?

Join us for a 7 month series of Meditation, Affirmations and Energy Healing that will educate you on the 7 chakras, what they are each responsible for, and then clear any blockages to promote healthy life energy.

During our time together we will focus on understanding each chakra and it’s function. Then you will be led through a guided meditation with Reiki to clear out any blockages in each chakra. Finally, you will be taught affirmations and mantras to use for each chakra to promote continued chakra health.

Sessions will be limited to a small group to ensure a personalized experience.

If you are interested in each monthly session, you can enroll now to hold your spot.

Interested in a Private Session?

Experience Energy Healing of Eden Energy Medicine or Reiki to help harmonize and bring your energy systems into balance. Support your body’s natural ability to self-repair to find physical and emotional relief. Learn more about my personal sessions. 


Debbie is so informative/professional/knowledgeable. Every time I am in her presence, I come away with volumes of necessary information I need. I am so grateful for her experience!!

Patty Beale


Excellent workshop! Great information. Loads of useful information.

Kathleen Dingfelder


The classes and workshops that I have been fortunate to participate in are fun, very informative, interactive, practical, and you walk away from them feeling energized and able to utilize what you have learned. You can tell she puts so much of herself into all that she does.

Christine V.


Very Interesting and informative. And FUN!

Susan Fischer

Erie, Pennsylvania

The information presented was so easy to understand…so fun, & so unexpected – so FUN to share with each other.

Jana Tucke


I was open to this new experience, but my mind was tense & racing at the beginning of class. But I quickly was relaxed & able to receive information because of the calm & peaceful energy of Debbie.

Angie Mesarchik